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The structure of AGA has a External CEO, Internal CEO, Administrative coordinator and Communication coordinator. On the other hand, there are Program and Field Coordinators. In addition, there are focal points for each country, with one representative for each of the four rank countries. All these positions are elected every 3 years, and make up the AGA Council that assists the General Coordination in the decision-making process. All the active members of AGA have voice and vote in the general meetings.

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María José Bolgeri

Conflict Mitigation Program, Field Coordinator.

Her love for nature and its animals started very early on, and she therefor did not hesitate to study biology when deciding on a profession…


Florencia Chiapero

Active member

Ever since a young age, she enjoyed being outdoors and spending long hours observing her cat’s behaviour. After three years of studying Law, she finally decided to follow her true passion….


Nilce Silvina Enrietti Loisa

Field Coordinator for CATCrafts and Education Programs

I have always been interested in the differences and relationships between living beings. I studied Photography, Multimedia Arts, Field Naturalist…


Mauro Lucherini

CATcrafts General Coordinator

Although he has worked with bighorn sheep in Canada and porcupine in Italy, which is his country of origin, his passion has always been carnivores. So when the opportunity arose…


María José Merino

Active Member

Coordinator of the Educational Program of the GECM, INBIOSUR, Universidad Nacional del Sur – CONICET. Besides being a teacher of Natural Sciences in secondary schools, since the ..


Rocío Palacios

Chief Executive Officer

She considers herself a crazy cat lady, and celebrates it with pride. From an early age she was interested in wildlife, particularly felines. She gave her first presentation at an environmental congress


Juan Reppucci

Focal point, Argentina — General coordinator of camera trapping for the In the Field 24/7 program

He has worked in the research and conservation of carnivores in Argentina throughout his career. The High Andean carnivores, especially the Andean …


Cintia Tellaeche

Program Director

Since she was a girl, Cintia was attracted to animals, which is why she decided to become a biologist. In 2007, while earning her Bachelor of Biological Sciences, she decided to volunteer in a project focused on the study of…

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Gabriela Aguirre

Focal Point, Bolivia — Modular Education Program Co-Coordinator

Gabriela was always very analytical and critical, in adolescence she began to see the impacts that human activities caused on nature,…


Fabian Beltrán

Collaborator Member

He is a veterinary researcher with a postgraduate degree in zoology and works at the Wildlife
Conservation Society (WCS). He is interested in comprehensive ecosystem health and parasitic …


Giovana Gallardo

Active member

Since Giovana was a child, she always felt a particularly strong connection with nature. As a
Bolivian-Canadian scientist, she has been working on conservation and education projects…..


Juan Carlos Huaranca

General coordinator of the Pawsitive Actions program

One of the groups of animals that caught his attention from his childhood were carnivores, such as lions and tigers. In his undergraduate years he …


Sandra Rivera

Active Member

As a child, Sandra was president of the science club of the San Calixto school in La Paz. She discovered that biology was her true passion because it allowed her to be in touch with nature….


Alejandra Rocío Torrez Tarqui

Active Member

Her first steps related to nature were taken as a biology student, during zoology and ecology classes, which helped her develop her interest in the conservation of wildlife. In 2006…


Daniela Ulloa

Modular Education Program Co-Coordinator

She was born in La Paz, Bolivia, where she grew up surrounded by snow-capped castles. In her childhood, she experienced the cold wind …


Ma. Lilian Villalba

Administrative Coordinator

Lilian was born in La Paz, Bolivia. Surrounded by mountains, she learned to love the rocky landscape and was determined to study Biology. During her studies, she had…..




Gonzalo Cruz

Focal Point, Chile — CATcrafts Field Coordinator

Gonzalo was born in Santiago de Chile. He studied Civil Engineering of Industries at the Catholic University of Chile. He has always liked sports ….


Agustín Iriarte Walton

Active Member

He was born in Santiago de Chile. Initially, he studied Biological Sciences with an emphasis in at the University of Chile. Later on he did a Masters in Ecological Sciences degree ….


Francisco R. Rojas Díaz

Active Member

He was born in the desert solitude of Chile in the mining camp of El Salvador. He grew up in Salamanca, in the valley of the Choapa river, near the mountain range and the sea in the narrowest…


Nicolás Lagos

Focal Point, Chile.

Nicolás was born in the middle of Santiago, Chile. However, his observant spirit and interest in nature led him to get involved with the natural world, at first through timid raids ….


Constanza Napolitano

In the Field 24/7 Genetics Program Coordinator

Since she was a little girl she was attracted to nature she liked to play with organisms from the sea or the mountains during family walks …


Ricardo Pino

Collaborator Member

From a very early age, Ricardo was attracted to animals and nature. He lived his childhood
surrounded by the feline company of kittens that his grandmother adopted every year….


Alonzo Salazar

Collaborator member

Alonso is an illustrator of vast experience. His training began at a young age, where he
almost intuitively drew and marveled at his natural environment-a rural area of the …


Bernardo Segura

Collaborator Member

From Santiago, his city of origin, Bernardo grew up exploring nature. In particular, he explored
the beautiful and previously unexplored mountain range of central Chile,…


Cristian Sepúlveda

Conflict Mitigation Program Field Coordinator

Since he was a child he has lived with cats. This triggered in him a great interest in the care of nature and wildlife, especially ….


Jorge Valenzuela Oyarzun

Active Member

Jorge is a veterinarian dedicated to the conservation of wildlife. Since being an undergraduate his interest in wildlife has led him to participate as a volunteer in different…..


María José Villegas

Collaborator member

Veterinarian with a steadfast dedication to wildlife conservation. Her involvement began in 2018 as a volunteer in AGA’s Carnivore Conflict Mitigation program, where she became …


Francisco Zacur

Collaborator member

Veterinarian with a degree in wildlife conservation and management, exotic animal medicine, and a master’s degree in protected wildlife areas and nature conservation, as well as…




Dennis Xavier Huisa Balcon

Focal Point, Perú.

Dennis studied Biological Sciences with a major in Ecology at the National University of the
Puno Altiplano, where he holds a Master’s Degree in Ecology and Environmental Management. He is fond of nature illustration, a fan of the high Andes…


Anthony Gerardo Pino Charaja

Communication and network coordinator – CATcrafts and Conflict Mitigation Program Field Coordinator

Anthony is a biologist and a lover of nature and photography. He’s also particularly interested in carnivores. He was a participant in several ….


Omar Rodríguez Bravo

Collaborator Member

From a very young age, Omar loved nature and felt a great connection with nature and wildlife.
As a biologist, he worked in the field of conservation and the study of wildlife, working with a wide variety…


Estados Unidos


Sebastian Kennerknecht

Collaborator Member

He is a wildlife and conservation photographer with over fourteen years of experience visually
covering wildlife and environmental issues internationally, focusing in particular …