The Conflict Mitigation Program aims to eliminate the hunting of Andean cats. To do this, we implement strategies to reduce conflict between herders and native carnivores. Most of these conflicts originate from culpeo foxes and pumas preying on cattle, which generate retaliatory hunting when herders hunt all species of carnivores, including the Andean cat.  We are working with local herders to develop conflict mitigation strategies that protect their livestock without harming native wildlife. Some of the most successful strategies are the implementation of livestock guard dogs, the installation of deterrent lights, and the improvement of existing livestock corrals. Due to the unique climate in the areas where the Andean cat lives, both daily and seasonal, it is necessary to adapt breeds of guard dogs by crossing them with local dogs. This produces dogs that are adapted to both the hot summers and cold winters of the Andes and Patagonia. In the communities where we are implementing mitigation strategies, we also develop a permanent monitoring routine for carnivores and increase awareness within each community about the relevance of the conservation of the Andean cat and its natural environment.